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Server-Side Function
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Dialog-warning.png Note: This feature is currently not in the API, or is currently not accurate on the wiki due to upcoming API changes. New API functions and changes will be released with the next update.

Checks all resource files and updates their hashes so you do not need to restart the resource if you edit a clientside resource from the outside. This will allow you to redownload all changed clientside resources on connect without having to restart the actual resource.


In C#
Server-Side Function

void API.updateResourceHashes(string resourceName);

Required Arguments

  • resourceName: parameter input should be in string type.

NOTE: This function does not return anything specific.

Usage example(s)

In C#
Server-Side Function

public void UpdateResourceHashesCommand(Client player, string text)
Dialog-warning.png This function is only recommended to be used in a development environment only