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Shared Function
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This function sets the given weapon's tint of given player.


API.setPlayerWeaponTint(Client player, WeaponHash weapon, WeaponTint tint);

Required Arguments

  • player: parameter input should be in Client type.
  • weapon: parameter input should be in WeaponHash type.
  • tint: parameter input should be in WeaponTint type. See Weapons Tints and Mk2 Weapon Tints.

Usage example(s)

/weapontint or /wtint command from the freeroam resource:

In C#
Server-Side Function

[Command("weapontint", Alias = "wtint")]
public void SetWeaponTintCmd(Client sender, WeaponTint tint)
    API.setPlayerWeaponTint(sender, API.getPlayerCurrentWeapon(sender), tint);