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Shared Function
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Method allows the increase/decrease the size of a blip.

This function is both Client-side and Server-side.


API.setBlipScale(NetHandle blip, float scale); //Server-side & Client-side
API.setBlipScale(NetHandle blip, double scale); //Client-side

Required Arguments

  • blip: parameter input should be in NetHandle type.
  • scale: parameter input should be in float type for server-side as well as for client-side and can optionally be double type for client-side only.

NOTE: Server-side script can only use the float type.

  • The default scale of blip is 1 (which is also the size of peds in singleplayer or players in GTA Online).
  • 0.5 is the scale of singleplayer cop peds.
  • Blip with a scale of 0 can not be seen.
  • Setting a negative blip scale will cause it to be seen as upside down.

Usage example(s)

   API.setBlipScale(myBlip, 10f);