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Server-Side Function
Utilities-terminal.png Server-Side Csharp.png C#

Sends a Notification message to a Player.

Note: Custom colors in hex format will not work for notifications, they only for the in-game chat. You can still use standard text color codes, however.


API.sendNotificationToPlayer(Client player, string message, bool flashing = false);

Required Arguments

  • player: parameter input should be in Client type.
  • string: parameter input should be in object type.

Optional Arguments

  • flashing: parameter input should be in bool type, default value: False.

Usage examples

   API.sendNotificationToPlayer(player, "Notification Example!");
   API.sendNotificationToPlayer(player, "Notification Example!", flashing = true);


   player.sendNotification("Server", "Notification Example!");
   player.sendNotification("Server", "Notification Example!", flashing = true);