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Shared Function
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This type event is called when a player changes his vehicle seat.

Syntax & Examples

In C#
Server-Side Function

First of all, it should be defined in your Main constructor for it to be called, otherwise it wouldn't be initiated at all!

   public Main()
      API.onPlayerChangeVehicleSeat+= onPlayerChangeVehicleSeatHandler;

And then you can implement the event function:

   private void onPlayerChangeVehicleSeatHandler(Client player, NetHandle vehicle, int oldSeat, int newSeat)
        API.sendChatMessageToPlayer(player, "Your seat has changed from " + oldSeat + " to: " + newSeat);

In Javascript
Client-Side Function

API.onPlayerChangeVehicleSeat.connect(function(LocalHandle vehicleEntity, int oldSeat, int newSeat) {
    API.sendNotification("Your seat has changed from " + oldSeat + " to: " + newSeat);