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Welcome to the Grand Theft Multiplayer wiki. On this wiki you'll find enough information about the API to get you started with scripting. It is currently incomplete therefore some information could be inaccurate or completely incorrect, that is why we need your help to do what needs to be done by adding or changing whatever is missing or incorrect.


Client release!

By actively engaging with server owners and community leaders we try to understand what they would like to see changed, implemented or removed. Only by actively interacting with the community we can truly work to tailoring the client to the needs of our players. We advise you to constantly provide us with constructive feedback to improve Grand Theft Multiplayer. We are as excited as you are in finally moving to the point where we can build a good foundation for custom, online dedicated servers in Grand Theft Auto V. Remember to report any bugs you might have to our Bug Tracker!
Also take a look at Upcoming API Features