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Server-Side Function
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A function that returns the players who are inside a vehicle.

If there are no players in the vehicle, the function will return an empty Client[] array.


API.getVehicleOccupants(NetHandle vehicle);

Required Arguments

  • vehicle: parameter input should be in NetHandle type.

NOTE: This function returns data in Client[] type.

Usage example

In this example, we're going to retrieve the players inside a vehicle, and we'll send a chat message.

[Command("cmdtest", GreedyArg = true)]
public void CMD_cmdtest(Client sender)
        var usersInCar = API.getVehicleOccupants(API.getPlayerVehicle(sender)); // we get the players of the vehicle. We assume that sender is inside a vehicle, and by using getPlayerVehicle we get the NetHandle
        API.sendChatMessageToPlayer(sender, "List of players in your vehicle:");
        foreach (var player in usersInCar) {
            API.sendChatMessageToPlayer(sender,; //We'll send a message containing one of the occupant's name

Remember that if you're not in any vehicle, the vehicle doesn't exist or is empty, this function will not return anything.


Version Description
1.0 Release.