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Shared Function
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Gets the dimension of an entity.

Dialog-warning.png NOTE: Client-sided and server-sided dimensions are not synced. You will get different values if you set them seperately.


API.getEntityDimension(NetHandle entity);

Required Arguments

  • entity: parameter input should be in NetHandle type.

NOTE: This function returns data in int type.

Usage example(s)

This command will display your current dimension.

In C#
Server-Side Function

public Dimension(Client player)
   int dimension = API.getEntityDimension(player);
   API.sendChatMessageToPlayer(player, "Your dimension is " + dimension);

This will spam the client of their current dimension.

In Javascript
Client-Side Function

API.onUpdate.connect(function () {
	var player = API.getLocalPlayer();
	var dimension = API.getEntityDimension();
	API.sendChatMessage("Your dimension is " + dimension);