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Getting started

First of all, you have to load the doormanager resource on your server.

Create a door In-game

Get a door you want to see open. In this case, it's the ammunation. Open your chat, type /getdoor and hit enter. A mouse cursor appears. Now find a spot on the door until it gets a bit transparency like in this picture:


Just click the door and you get a new chat message it should look like this "Your door ID is X"

How to open the door?

You need the command /setdoorstate [ID] [LOCKED] [HEADING] in this case, it would be door ID 6.

So open the chat again, type /setdoorstate 6 false 1 and hit enter.

Now you should be able to open the door. Just run against it.

Create a door with code

Instead of loading doormanager resource through server settings, put this in your meta.xml

<include resource="doormanager" />

You first need to register the door, then Change the door state

int i = API.exported.doormanager.registerDoor(int model, Vector3 pos);
API.exported.doormanager.setDoorState(i, bool locked,int Heading);