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Client-Side Function
System-users.png Client-Side Javascript.png JavaScript allows you to invoke methods in your CEF browser from a clientside script.

This is done by calling from the clientside script code, and making a function in your JavaScript code that load your browser.

Important! "browser" must be already defined and the CEF page must be fully loaded!


In Javascript
Client-Side Function functionName, Object[] arguments);
  • functionName: parameter input should be in String type.
  • arguments: parameter input should be in Object[] type.


Note: If local is set to false in the CEF Browser, you will not be able to use this function!

Usage example(s)

// Client-side .js script
var content = "Some Text..";"ChangeDiv", content);
<!-- code in .html page, or .js file -->
  function ChangeDiv (content) {
      // do things...